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2022: "Envisioning Worlds: Where Words and Images Dance" 


Featured Guest: 

Tammy Yee


2021: "A Net Full of Stories, Imagined and Real" 


Featured Guests: 

Lehua Parker and Caren Loebel-Fried


2018: "The Places We Come From, Real and Imagined"


Featured Guests: 

Lee Cataluna and Patrick Ching


2016: "Imagining Worlds, Fictional and Real" 


Featured Guests: 

Graham Salisbury and Steven Jenkins


2014: "Journeys Imaginary and Real" 


Featured Guests: 

Kathi Appelt and Grace Lin


2012: "Where Pictures Speak and Stories Paint" 


Featured Guests: 

James Rumford and Pam Muñoz Ryan


2010: "Inventing Worlds, Imaginary and Real"


Featured guests:

Linda Sue Park and Brian Selznick